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Bonn Microwave Ovens - Review

Bonn Microwave Ovens - Review

Published by Prestige Products on 5th Jun 2009

With more than 20,000 high volume food outlets Australia wide relying on a Bonn microwave oven for their heating requirements, Bonn is without doubt one of the most respected brand name when it comes to microwave ovens.

Designed in Australia and assembled in Malaysia from premium components, quality and reliability is the primary focus from the design stage right through to the materials and components used. Bonn microwaves are designed to provide reliability under heavy use in a tough kitchen environment. All ovens are designed and manufactured using heavy grade hinges, door catches, stainless cavity and robust components. To the unsuspecting eye, it may look like any other microwave oven, however, it's all the quality components that contribute towards maximum performance and reliability.

A rigorous testing procedure is carried out to ensure that Bonn microwave ovens work under heavy load:

  • Door endurance: open and close 400,000 times
  • Control panel endurance: each touch pad button pressed 200,000 times
  • Intermittent endurance test: On (60sec) and Off (30sec) 200,000 times, On (20sec) and Off (10sec) 200,000 times

In commercial kitchens, microwave ovens are exposed to high temperatures and large amounts of steam and smoke. After closure, the kitchen temperature drops significantly. Bonn microwaves are designed with these conditions simulated in their lab and are tested for:

  • Cooking vapour: operation in cooking vapour at 40ºC and 95% humidity
  • Circuit Board: tested in -40º ~ +85ºC and 85% humidity

That's why Bonn heavy duty microwaves (CM-1901T & CM-1300T) are covered by 3 years* warranty:
* 1st year: Parts & Labour
* 2nd year: Parts only
* 3rd year: Parts only on all electronic circuit boards & transformers

Service is the hallmark of every employee at Bonn. They understand the income generated from a commercial microwave oven for your business. A national service network is available to ensure your service requirements are dealt with efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business. Good levels of spare parts stock are kept locally here in Australia (No waiting for parts to arrive from overseas).

When you purchase a Bonn heavy duty commercial microwave oven you can rest assured that you have purchased a quality appliance that will outlast and outperform all other brands in the market.
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