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Induction Cooktops

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Commercial Induction Cookers

Induction Cooktops use electromagnetic energy activated by the iron in cookware to ensure fast, precise heat for quick and consistent cooking. Because Induction heats pots and pans directly, the cooktop surface remains cool and easier to clean. Induction heat is very precise and fast, the disired cooking temperature can be reached in seconds. Savvy chefs around the world are adopting induction cooking technology in commercial kitchens because of its performance, safety and remarkable precision; cook faster and with precision, reduce excess heat, and minimise utility bill.

Induction Technology Cost

Induction cooktops maybe the most expensive to buy upfront but they are the most energy efficient to cook with saving on bills in the long run. Because induction uses electro magnetic fields to heat rather than getting hot then transferring heat, there is less heat loss and energy waste with induction cooking. Faster heating and cooking means cutting back on cooking times for the same meals versus gas or electric appliances. Many induction cooktops can also detect when no pots or pans are present, which means less energy is wasted if the cooktop is unused after cooking and this is a remarkable safety feature. Whatever the brand or budget, we have the right Induction Cooker for any comercial kitchen at Prestige Products.


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