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Spiral Mixers

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A spiral mixer is often referred to as a dough mixer and its function is to gently and efficiently mix dough, allowing proper development of the gluten structure while not overworking or heating the ingredients. The appliance name comes from the movement of the hook in a spiral causing the spiral hook to knead only a portion of the dough mass at a time. This keeps friction heat low, providing a more homogeneous mix. The kneading is the result of the spiral hook rotating at around 100rpm and the bowl rotating at a lower speed (usually 10rpm) in the opposite direction to the hook.

Prestige Products has been supplying commercial spiral mixers to pizza shops and bakeries around the country for many years. Some of the key brands we support are Zanolli, Comida, Moretti Forni and GAM to name a few. For expert advice and a quality Italian spiral mixer that can be an asset to your business for many years to come, be sure to contact us.

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