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Arneg Multi Decks and Deli Displays

Arneg Multi Decks and Deli Displays

Published by Hoss Esmaeilzadeh on 28th May 2010

We have added the Arneg open displays and deli displays to our range.

Arneg is one of the world leading companies in the field of commercial refrigeration and the largest manufacturer of plug-in and remote display cases in Europe. This success is the result of over 40 years of experience based on strong emphasis put on research and development. A constant attention to quality details combined with excellent performances and optimized energy consumption rates, have placed Arneg at the forefront of its field worldwide. With a presence on 6 continents, Arneg truly is a global reality.

Arneg has been present in Australia since 1996 and today is a major player in the country. Along these years, Arneg has ensured that their equipment have been customised to Australian specifications and climate, with particular attention being paid to the reduction of power consumption of its cases and the needs of Australian customers.

Arneg has display cabinets to suit any application. There are specific display cabinets for meat, dairy, and fruit or vegetables. Arneg display cabinets can be seen in supermarkets and quality food stores around the globe. Australian installations can be seen at many IGA supermarkets, and quality delicatessens around the country.

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