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Electrolux NUC1DP Undercounter Dishwasher Review

Electrolux NUC1DP Undercounter Dishwasher Review

Published by Prestige Products on 15th Nov 2011

Recently, I had to explain the features of an Electrolux NUC1DP undercounter dishwasher to a client. This may serve as a good reference point for all our customers and visitors who may be in the market to purchase an undercounter dishwasher.

Digital controls: Digital controls are more precise than electromechanical controls and faster to repair, thus reducing downtime. Digital controls allow for self diagnostics and may eliminate unnecessary service calls. Digital controls provide a better temperature readout and allow for better data logging if required. Digital controls allow for self cleaning. Digital controls allow for changing of parameters (time & temperature) for wash and/or rinse cycles to obtain the best customized result. Digital controls are easier to read and understand. Electrolux dishwashers and glass washers have digital controls that is encased in plastic with IPX water protection.

Large Wash Pumps: FACT - Larger amount of water over a surface at higher pressure will achieve a better and cleaner result. Electrolux has class leading 1HP recirculating wash pump for a cleaner result and better water efficiency.

Soft Start: This is a feature often found in the "hi-end" machines. This feature limits breakage during a wash cycle and allows for a gentle start so that expensive glassware or lighter items are not turned upside down.

Pressed Tank: Pressed tanks are more hygienic and make cleaning a breeze. Welded tanks capture grease, fat and food grime on welds.

Drain Pumps: Drain pump is included as standard.

Chamber Height: Large chamber height accommodates large plates and tall glassware.

Enclosed Back: The back panel is fully enclosed to limit noise and assist with vermin protection.

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