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Goldstein Vision Combi Ovens With Cooking Centre

Goldstein Vision Combi Ovens With Cooking Centre

Published by Prestige Products on 26th Nov 2009

The Goldstein brand has always been synonymous with quality. Goldstein has been manufacturing cooking equipment in Australia for nearly 100 years and most Australian chefs have cooked with Goldstein equipment at one time or another. Goldstein has just launched their new combi oven with cooking centre.

Goldstein Vision combi ovens have a long list of features and benefits:

  • Easy cooking
  • Touch control panel
  • Navigator button
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Colour touch screen
  • 4-Point core probe
  • Overnight roasting/cooking
  • Delta T
  • roasting/cooking
  • Cook & Hold
  • Regeneration
  • Banquet system
  • Separate rack timing
  • Up to 1000 programs
  • Bi-directional fans
  • 5 Speed ventilator fan
  • Ventilator fan timing
  • Learn function
  • Energy logic
  • Fan stop when door opened
  • Automatic preheating/cooling
  • Autoclima humidity control
  • Automatic start
  • Quick program overview
  • Automatic capacity management
  • Service & diagnostic system
  • Water saving system
  • Curved double glass door preventing heat escape
  • Turbo steam function
  • USB & LAN communication
  • Flap valve
  • Integrated shower
  • Halogen lights
  • Removable door seal

The main characteristic that sets the Goldstein Vision combi ovens apart is the cooking centre. the cooking centre is controlled by a technologically advanced software which controls every aspect of the oven as well as the cooking. This unique large touch screen panel has a colour display that ensures easy and intuitive control. The basic navigational screen enables quick program selection, a choice of supplementary functions and the option to switch to manual controls. All control functions are clearly presented with colour 3D icons and are large enough to be easily read and checked. There are up to 1000 programs available with as many as 20 steps in each program. Cooking steak is as easy as selecting steak from the touch screen menu, then selecting how you like it cooked ie; Medium Rare and then pressing the START button. Of course, when you select Medium Rare, the touch screen will show you the settings which you can modify easily if you want it a certain way. Cooking has never been this easy and convenient.

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