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Hoshizaki Ice Makers Review

Hoshizaki Ice Makers Review

Published by Prestige Products on 3rd Feb 2010

Hoshizaki was established in February 1947 in Japan and now operates 6 plants in Japan, 2 in the United States, 1 in the United Kingdom and 1 in China. In 2006 Hoshizaki acquired the American Lancer Corporation, a leading, global manufacturer and marketer of beverage dispensing systems. Halfway through 2008 the Danish Gram Commercial A/S joined the Hoshizaki group focusing on high quality refrigeration for professional use.

Since the launch of its first ice machine in 1965, Hoshizaki has manufactured and sold a variety of products including refrigerators and freezers, vending machines, water purifiers, dispensers and refrigerated display cases. The Hoshizaki brand is however most famous across the globe for its ice makers and considered to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of ice machines to provide an outstanding level of reliability and performance. Passing the test of time and high volume, Hoshizaki ice makers are seen in most function centres, seafood markets, hospitals, five star hotels, bars, clubs and high volume franchise stores.

Ice is the finishing touch to any cold drink and the quality of ice can leave a lasting impression with the customer. Hoshizaki ice machines produce exceptionally pure, good quality and great tasting ice. Hoshizaki has an ice maker for every application and demand regardless of the size. The product range include ice machines for cube ice, crescent ice, flake ice, scale ice, cubelet ice and ice dispensers suitable for small cafes or bars right through to large, modular, industrial models. Crescent ice is unique as it moves around freely and packs tightly in the ice bin, achieving maximum ice storage capacity. Crescent ice is particularly good for bars and beverages as it reduces splashing and wastage when pouring drinks and it cools the beverages faster.

The IM and FM range are manufactured in the European plant, The IM range in Japan, the KM Glacious range in China and the KM range in USA. Hoshizaki has many ice makers that fit under a commercial bench with a wide variety of production and storage capacities. The IM range is built for tropical conditions making these ideal for Australian conditions. The IM is the ECO range resulting in 50% reduction in water consumption and 30% reduction in power consumption. Most Hoshizaki ice makers benefit from a stainless steel evaporator, making the ice maker more hygienic as well as durable. The self-contained KM range are front ventilated so that they can be built in. The KM modular heads use the Cycle Saver and the Ever-Check technologies and are protected by Hoshi-Guard Antimicrobial Agent. The ice bins are injected with polyurethane foam for maximum insulation and precision made doors with gaskets minimises meltage and decreases the number of ice production cycles.

All Hoshizaki ice makers are originally designed and specified by a massive Japanese Research & Development team of over 150 engineers. Every part is precision engineered and specified for a global market meaning that Hoshizaki ice makers will perform outstanding levels of efficiency in ambient temperatures of 5ºC to 40ºC even in humid environments. Building on its long and reputable history, Hoshizaki, through its team of dedicated Research and Development engineers, continues to provide new and innovative products cementing its international reputation for quality and reliability. Hoshizaki ice makers and ice bins are endorsed by HACCP Australia as food safe equipment suitable for businesses operating a HACCP based food safety program.

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