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Pizza Dough Tossing Instructions

Pizza Dough Tossing Instructions

Published by Prestige Products on 14th Oct 2009

Pizza is an art form and takes a lot of practice, dedication and passion to develop the required skills. One important aspect is stretching the dough and getting it to the right thickness.

In Italy, there are pizza schools and even a pizza university that teach everything there is to know about pizza from making the dough to the finished product. Of course, these days we are blessed with technology to simplify these laborious tasks. However, the old fashion way is slowly making a come back. I enjoyed viewing the clip below by Tony Gemignani, 8-time world pizza-tossing champion and author of "Tony and the Pizza Champions", and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did:

Tossing pizza dough - instructions by Tony Gemignani

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