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XLT Conveyor Ovens

XLT Conveyor Ovens

Published by Hoss Esmaeilzadeh on 8th Dec 2009

Most consumers look for products that perform extremely well at a very low cost. That was the design criteria used for the XLT ovens. By using fewer components of a higher quality, XLT ovens perform well in terms of initial purchase price, performance, and durability. The XLT pizza ovens have all of the same basic features found in other popular designs, including:

  • Front-loading sandwich window
  • Stainless Steel front, sides, and top. (XLT actually has inside, outside, front, back, top, and bottom stainless steel)
  • Digital microprocessor controlled bake time and temperature
  • Adjustable air jet fingers
  • The finest air impingement process delivers consistent heat to the chamber
  • Reversible conveyor direction
  • Customer-specific adjustable jet fingers that allow control of heat delivery

Most of XLT parts are off-the-shelf components that are available from industrial suppliers. XLT still uses parts made by GE, Honeywell, and other top brands, but at a fraction of the cost because they are standard. XLT bake chambers, fronts, control boxes, and fingers are constructed of 100% stainless steel. The backs and conveyors are constructed of about 99% stainless steel. This material will not succumb to oven cleaners, brushes, or scrapers. Stainless steel can be made to look like new even after many years of service and cleaning. XLT ovens use 3/4" diameter bearings on the conveyor shafts. They will require less maintenance and will have less downtime. All XLT fuses are panel mounted. This means that anyone can replace a fuse without incuring a huge service bill. The entire front panel comes off in seconds with just 4 stainless steel knobs, no tools required. The fingers come out the front even faster. And since XLT uses 100% Stainless Steel, you can use more aggressive oven cleaners to shorten the cleaning time involved. XLT ovens use "quiet-FIRE" burner, a new burner designed to:

  • Shrink energy usage by up to 30%
  • Be quieter than the competition by up to 7 decibels
  • Eliminate the need for a blower motor
  • Reduce end loss
  • Lower ventilation requirements
  • Add up to significant energy savings

XLT pizza ovens are available in gas or electric versions in many convenient sizes with small footprint and high capacity. The XLT ovens can be ordered as single, double or triple stacks.

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