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6 Essential kitchen equipment pieces for summer

6 Essential kitchen equipment pieces for summer

Published by Prestige Products on 16th Nov 2015

Whether you are introducing new items to your seasonal menu or need to update your current kitchen equipment we have some fantastic sales and brilliant new equipment to delight your customers this summer.

1. Beat the heat with gelato machines and gelato displays

Australia’s obsession with gelato is no secret! It’s not uncommon to see a line around the block on a warm summer’s night for any number of gelaterias. In order to create your own unique gelato this summer you will need a gelato machine and a gelato display cabinet.

The type of gelato machine you need, will depend on the amount of gelato you plan on making per hour. Our smallest machine makes 2 litres of gelato per hour while the largest can make up to 12 litres or more per hour. We can also provide a machine to make your own gelato or sorbet on demand.

Ideally in a gelato display cabinet you want curved glass with a concentrated glass heater to prevent frosting so that your customers have the best view of the ice cream. An internal light, stainless steel interior and good exterior colour are also important in a gelato display cabinet.

2. Diversify your clientele with a café equipment essential – the Juicer

Summer is the perfect time to start serving juice on your menu. Juice has obvious health benefits for the consumer and often offers a more palatable alternative to eating raw vegetables while being incredibly profitable for businesses. As mentioned in our earlier blog post how to select the right juicer, it can open up new business for your café or restaurant inviting a more health conscious crowd. There are several juicers designed solely for citrus and are ideal if you would like to serve fresh orange juice in your restaurant, café or hotel. For juicing all sorts of fruit and vegetables you will need a centrifugal juicer. For wheatgrass juice you will need a specific wheat grass juicer, which can also crush nuts to make your own almond meal to get greater use out the juicer.

3. Keep food cool with Cool fridge displays

Refrigerated displays cases are a must for any café or deli. They are suitable for cakes and sweets, sandwich ingredients, pizza ingredients, yoghurt displays and salad bars. Refrigerated displays generally range between 2 and 5 degrees with some food displays going as high as 15 degrees to keep chocolates at a moderate temperature before serving. We have an extensive list of display fridges at Prestige Products available for purchase or hire.

4. Equip your kitchen with a quality cool room

A cool room kit is an essential part of any café or restaurant all year-round but particularly in 30-40 degree heats of summer. If your current cool room is no longer maintaining the right temperature then now is the right time to invest in a new cool room. They are surprisingly inexpensive for such large refrigeration units. All our coolroom motors are built for Australian conditions and are rated at 43 degree. We can also provide professional installation service nationally in all major cities. 

5. Equip your café with a European Commercial coffee machine

Australian and New Zealand coffee culture is renowned worldwide. We take our cappuccinos as seriously (if not more) than the Italians themselves and investing in a good barista is all for naught if you do not have a quality coffee machine for them to work their magic on. We have a range of Wega and Conti coffee machines that are available for sale or renting if you would like to get the top gear without putting pressure on your cash flow.

6. Jump on the ‘Freakshake’ trend

Another summer classic, the gourmet milkshake or ‘freakshake’ has exploded onto the Australian café scene recently. The humble chocolate, caramel, strawberry and vanilla shakes have been superseded by the likes of ‘fairy bread’, ricotta doughnut and Nutella with salted pistachios, Nutella with peanut butter, Nutella with pretzels… Nutella with everything! Sydney café Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery have been known to go through 120kgs of Nutella in one day! Your café or restaurant would do well to invest in a few tonnes of Nutella and the Hamilton Beach Milkshake Mixer.

Upgrade your kitchen this Summer

Summer is the time for fine dining, long brunches and hotel stays so in order to impress your customers and make large profits you should consider investing in some warm weather food and drink equipment. If you are looking for something specific feel free to contact us and we can help you pick the best fit for your restaurant, cafe, bistro, hotel or bakery.

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