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FusionChef PEARL Z Sous Vide Circulator

Made in Germany
Dimensions: W: 339 x D: 190 x H: 335mm
Weight: 6 Kg
Power: Single phase 10Amp (2.0Kw)
Warranty: 24 months parts & labour
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FusionChef Pearl Z is a sous vide immersion circulator with extendable bridge for sous vide cooking in commercial kitchens and catering applications.

• Temperature stability of ±0.03ºC
• Temperatures range: 20ºC to 95ºC
• Temperatures displayed in ºC or ºF
• Splash-proof keypad
• Bright LED temperature display
• Hygienic smudge-proof stainless steel hood
• Low-level water alarm (acoustic and visual)
• Timer
• High-capacity pump (14 L /min)
• For water baths up to 58 litres
• Fixed stainless steel bridge
• Non-slip rubber feet
• Stainless steel protection cage (included)
• Vapor barrier protection

Pearl Z guarantees a temperature stability of ±0.03°C in vessels or cooking pots up to 58 liters.

The integrated safety protection grid prevents the vacuum pouch from touching the heating coil, pump and the float.

The strong circulating pump ensures optimum temperature stability and even distribution of water in the bath. This has a positive effect on the heat-up times when chilled pouches of foods are put into the bath.

The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of the remaining cooking time.

To meet your needs the flexible stainless steel bridge can be adjusted to baths and vessels of various sizes from 35 to 68 cm. Special rubber knobs prevent the bridge from slipping, e.g. on stainless steel.

We recommend cooking no more than half of the bath volume of food(s) in kg. This is necessary to facilitate sufficient water circulation to guarantee a consistent temperature inside the bath.
GN 1/2 200 mm (13 liters): up to about 5 kg
GN 1/1 150 mm (19 liters): up to about 8 kg
GN 1/1 200 mm (27 liters): up to about 12 kg
GN 2/1 150 mm (44 liters): up to about 20 kg
GN 2/1 200 mm (58 liters): up to about 27 kg

About FusionChef:
Sous vide was invented with Fusionchef by Julabo. Beginning in the early 70s, culinary pioneers realized that excellent circulation and extremely constant temperature are critical in sous vide cooking. Those days sous vide equipment were not available, so laboratory instruments made by Julabo were used in commercial kitchens. And it worked! From then on until today the innovative commercial sous vide equipment by fusionchef were developed, and optimized in cooperation with top chefs for the requirements of commercial kitchens. Nowadays, Fusionchef sous vide equipment is widely used around the world by chefs who demand a reliable, robust and highly precise sous vide machine for the following reasons:

ACCURATE TEMPERATURE - Highly Precise and constant temperature is the key element in sous vide cooking to achieve the exact level of doneness. Fusionchef sous vide baths and circulators boast the highest temperature accuracy in this field: 0.03ºC for Pearl models and 0.01ºC for Diamond models.

PUMP - The pump is a critical component for sous vide cooking as it rotates the water in bath for uniform temperature and eliminates cold spots. All fusionchef models are equipped with a powerful pump capable of circulating a maximum of 58 litres of water.

ROBUST - All fusionchef models are made with the highest grade of stainless steel and best components to withstand the demandng conditions of commercial kitchens.

RELIABLE - All fusionchef sous vide equipment is 100% made in Germany with precision engineering the Germans are famous for and the 2 years warranty coverage is the longest warranty in this field and testimony to the quality of our sous vide equipment.

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